Estimated Government Fee

Here we will provide you the total estimate payout to completely register your business with the SEC, BIR, & the LGUs. We will guide you to a three step process which is fairly simple and straight forward in order to determine how much you need to prepare.

Step 1

Choose your registration type

Sole Prop estimation has to be requested via email, please see contact section.

Step 2

Key in your authorised capital

The Authorized Capital, is the working figure for which all incorporators have decided to declare as the maximum amount of share that the company is authorized by its constitutional documents to issue (allocate) to shareholders.

Note that the higher the capital, the higher the fees.

Step 3

Total Minimum Payout

The Total Minimum payout is the total fee the client has to prepare based on their declared Authorized Capital. The figure in the total covers all fees related to business registration, but does not cover the Service Fee.

The estimation is also based on the use of vOffice address.

If the client wishes to register their business at different location within Metro Manila, the BIR estimation in this system will not apply. A manual computation will be made.

Please fill in all the required fields.
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