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Statistic says, 6 out of 10 first-time business owners fall into two different pitfalls due to misinformation, incorrect registration type, and negligence for compliance. Let's change this statistic and help you get on your way.

Learning Never Ends

Learning Never Ends

Part of doing business is doing your research, and that's why we have prepared for you only the most relevant reading materials an entrepreneur would need to find in our blog.

Determine Your Registration Type

Determine Your Registration Type

Before anyone can start a business, choosing the right registration type for your business model that best suits your current needs and capacity is the first order of business. As there are several types to choose from. Follow the guide and answer accordingly to know your registration type.

Have The Right Business Address

Have The Right Business Address

All start-ups want to save cost and in doing so, most opt to use their residence as their business address. Little do they know that this is one of the reasons you'll have to spend more. Choosing a virtual office is your safest and most practical choice. All you need now is to choose your city.

BGC Makati Quezon City Alabang

Supporting Tools for Entrepreneurs

Supporting Tools for Entrepreneurs

With Bizhub you not only get free guidance on starting your own business, but our community also provides you the tools you'll need to run one, such as downloadable legal and HR templates, a calendar of compliance reminders, and even free learning events.

The Options

See Your Options, Choose Your Nationality.

We've assisted over 3,000 local or foreigner businesses to incorporate their business here in the Philippines. Our affordable pricing, simplified processes and honest and straight-forward advice made us the choice for many so why not contact us for your company incorporation needs today.


The Hub

Our goal is to have a community that shares its best practices and our promise is to give you the best professional consultation and service to helping you make the right #firststep. Be part of our growing community for exclusive perks and monthly newsletter and reminders on everything about entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

The Perks
  • Free Consultation on business registration and compliances
  • Access to Legal Counsel
  • Access to templates of multiple legal documents
  • Assistance your business permit renewal
  • Exclusive Rates for all Bizhub services
  • Exclusive discounts on lifestyle partners (Coming soon)
  • Exclusive discounts on corporate partners (Coming soon)
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Trusted by founders like you, around the globe

  • We came across Bizhub, as a foreigner I had a great deal of questions to ensure the feasibility of incorporating was fully understood by all parties involved. The team provided us with a seamless process from incorporation, banking, Government requirements they assisted every step of the way. With the help of Bizhub, we have grown to 6 studios nationwide.

    Cheryll Karim
    CEO, F45
  • Bizhub was what I needed to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. Losing jobs to creating jobs was a challenging feat that I managed to pull off through a seamless business registration. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs!

    Josh Manoharan
    Physical Therapist, Founder of

COVID-19 affected business

If your business has been affected by COVID-19 and would like to consult on the best possible direction and costing, feel free to call us and inquire.

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